My Siblings Are The Incredibles

My Siblings Are the incredibles

April 10 was National Sibling Day.

I guess if you’ve got great siblings, it’s a real celebration. If not, or if you are an only child, there may be some lamenting going on. Thankfully, I’m in the first camp. I was the second born of 4 children to my parents, who have been married over 50 years, now. Yes, I said 50!

My siblings are as a whole, super-fun people, who I enjoy hanging out with. We plot, consult, play, cry, and pray together. No, not like every single day, because we each have lives and families of our own. But we have a special bond, so that when we are together, we just click. For this, I am grateful. We all have a strong love of music, writing, games of all kinds, great conversations, business ventures, and connecting with family. 

My oldest sister, is only 17 mos older than me, and we both appreciate good food, gardening, beautiful things, traveling, and we both educate our 2 children outside of the public school system. Our daughters were born only 7 weeks apart, on 2 different continents, but are great friends even though they live in different States. We also both have Dutch in-laws, but that’s another story.

My brother who is the only male in the mix, is 5 years younger than me, and he shares my love of reading for knowledge and understanding, traveling, good food, and beauty.

My youngest sister is seven years younger than me, and we share the joy of creating experiences for others through events, travel, and beautiful things. My son fits snugly age-wise,(11 mos either direction) between her 2 youngest of 4 children, and her youngest and my oldest are great friends who have done fun projects together over the years. She also got us all started with having children, and all but 1 of hers is now a young adult.

It’s pretty amazing that we have been so blessed over the years to have such a good relationship, when we know so many others who have not fared so well. I think the secret is that we know how to laugh at ourselves, and we know how to appreciate each other for our unique gifts, and in spite of our weaknesses. In fact we are always learning how to compensate for each others’ weaknesses. I think that is what family, and real friends should always do.

Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t have perfect relationships, but we are still growing and becoming better at loving each other, well. It is not easy when you are working hard at creating your own lives, to always connect, but getting together for birthdays, and holidays, and sometimes just because, is the main way we stay in touch. On occasion we will call or text, but we’re all way better communicators in person.

My ideal situation would be to have a large property to share with my siblings, and their families. We’d all own our own homes, and live close enough to connect daily or weekly as our schedules, or desires allow. We’d have a large centrally located community building where we could watch movies, hold parties, or events, with game rooms both for electronic and board, gym/workout facilities, and several offices for those of us who have our own home-based businesses.

You know I must love my siblings to even consider such a set-up! Mom and Dad would be cared for easily as they get up in age, but they could also take off and drive around the country in their rv, with no care for their property back home, since one of us, could look after it with no problems.

If you have siblings, would you want to share property with them like this? Let me know in the comments!

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