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Ardennes copy Hello!

Today is the first day that I am actually writing in this blog, and I have a question for you, What motivates you? I mean really motivates you; as in if you were in a deep sleep and someone woke you up, instead of being annoyed, you would thank them.

Not many things come to my mind besides people, who I love and look forward to seeing, and Creative Beauty. (I really love my sleep whenever I finally make myself get some.)

To clarify, if that beauty happens to be an amazing foodie-lover-style meal, a magnificent landscape across the globe, and you wake me, I guess I would thank you.

On this site you can expect to see me engage about the creative beauty which is in people, my inspirations for creating or teaching art, and hopefully about how I can help you become better inspired to create and motivate others to do the same.

Thanks for being here!


2 thoughts on “The Art Smart Lady!”

  1. Expressions of love motivate me. When my kids or Hubby wake me with kisses NOT screaming, they can have the world. When I see an elderly couple holding hands or embracing, I am motivated to express that kind of lasting love. When animals cuddle or plants grows entwined it reminds me of a bigger love that was expressed for us. I’m a romantic of sorts, so love or appearances of it move me.

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