An Amsterdam Canal, Family Selfie


Art Smart studio has existed in its physical form, as a quaint little building in my back-yard, for well over decade.

It’s funny that I began with no particular vision, besides having a place to create art, the desire to teach art creatively to whoever wanted to come, and to hold an art club for local artists for encouragement.

Boy, have I come a long way from not really having vision!

The difference now is, that I am no longer just an artist who is only dabbling in business. Not since I have made it my duty to read so many books, on business and marketing, as well as gotten education, and mentors in these areas. I have now learned to dream big again, and have become way more business-minded. Oh, I am still a long way off, but I am now in the practice phase, and am finding out what works and what doesn’t. I hope to help others, as I find my way as Artist, Traveler, and Marketer


Are YOU creative? Or do you wish you were? 

Chances are, that when you were younger, you loved to create, but somewhere along the way, you caught the message that others were better than you, and therefore what you made wasn’t good enough.

Our mission at Art Smart studio, is to help you:

Cultivate Your Creativity

Regain Self Esteem For Continuity

Share your Creativity World-Wide with Your long lost Tribe 

Come along with us as we explore the world of Art, Travel and Marketing