5 year slump?


Every 5 years

I look back on my life and take notes on what’s working and what’s not. Being in the midst of this process right now interestingly enough is causing me a combination of stress, and exhilaration. Why? Putting it simply, fear of failure and of success.

What about you?

Are you too in that in between stage of your life where a new phase is about to dawn upon you, and you will be the only one that can make or break it?

If you are,

then will you join me and make sure you encourage everyone you come across, because you never know what you can say or do to catapult a neighbor into success. I figure at least we can start off with a smile, it builds us up, and makes them feel good too.

Are there some other ways

that in spite of our own situations, that we can build others up?Image


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