15 Years ago Today…September 11 2001

I received a call from my hubby as he was at work, and he said turn on the TV in Dutch, we were living in Holland at the time, so I did, and couldn’t keep my eyes off of the screen. In the meantime, I didn’t think rationally about my then 1-year-old watching along with me as I witnessed on live TV what was happening in my home country. dsc07995

There was an airplane that crashed into the World Trade Center building, and there were people trapped above the crash site, looking as if they wanted to jump, for fear of a worse fate if they stayed. In my disbelief I saw a second plane crash into the 2nd tower, and in a very short time both towers crumbled to the ground taking the people with them. It was as if I had lost my nose off of my face, and my whole body felt hollow and heavy at the same time.

Less than a decade before, I had taken many a visitor up to the tops of the towers as a part of the “see NYC” tour. We would go to the top of the 110 story towers and look at the amazing view and in wonderment, the crazy pulsating activity below us. We were untouched by it all way up there. Needless to say They were an incredibly integral part of the tour. That was back when I worked with a team of dedicated volunteers who cared for those less fortunate by matching their needs with some of the organizations in the city who could meet those needs. It was called New York City Relief, now known as the Relief bus. New York City Relief It was a wonderful treat to have people come from all over the states and the world to be trained with as we spoke life and gave food, clothing, medical care and other necessities to the homeless, and other needy of the city.


Just this past year we had our 26 year reunion of the original staff. It was incredible to get to bring my family to see something I was a part of before they were even a glimmer in my eye.

I just want to pray comfort over those who have lost loved ones during this dreadful day some 15 years ago. May you feel peace in spite of the pain. For those of you who like to do something to help others, please donate to New York City Relief in memory of those who didn’t make it to see another day. Thank You! Give to New York City Relief

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