January 18, 2017

Happy New Year to you all!

team picking off prickly spurs

 May You too, have a dedicated team of people around you to remove the prickle’s from your person when you’ve walked into a prickly patch

“May you be fully inspired to accomplish all that you desire, and then some.”

                                                                                                                                                          ~The Art Smart Lady


Fuchsia -Colored Orchids

Inspiration from Beautiful Orchids for the New Year.


As it is a new year, 1-17-17 to be exact, I fully expect to do better with writing this blog more consistently; I have plenty to say, most of which is meant to encourage you and myself, as well as sometimes just to remember some persistent thoughts out loud.


A.S.S.E.T @ National Botanical Gardens Washington D.C.

Art Smart Sketch Excursion Time at the National Botanical Garden

Plein-Air Art

Art Smart Hosting some Plein-Air Art Fun at a Local Event


One thing I would love to accomplish this year is, finding out how I, as The Art Smart Lady, can help you in any of your art needs, or curiosities. I love art, and encouraging others in their pursuit of creativity, or in their pursuit of helping their little ones understand art better. Please post your questions and suggestions in the comments below.


Sunrise in Florida

An Inspiring Sunrise in Central Florida

Another thing I plan to do, is to travel more, because it is one of the things I really become refreshed and inspired by. This summer my daughter and managed to hit several different states, while the fellows in the family hit several different countries, as they went to Europe this summer for 7 weeks.




I also plan to learn some new skills, and apply them to my life in a significant way. Specifics will definitely include:

  • How to focus on one thing at a time, instead of being easily distracted. It may be too late for that, but I am not a defeatist, I will give it a go. (Insert smiley face here)
  • How to build a helpful and thriving online community for families wanting to encourage their children in visual art.
  • How to bring to completion those stories books that I have started in my head and in some cases on paper.
  • How ro create a line or 2 of greeting cards to bring a little light to hearts everywhere
  • How to extend my reach to help many more people achieve their personal artistic/creative goals
  • How to build a thriving Art Smart Visual Art Party team that will spread the joy way further than just I can


Group Shot at Bostons

Art Smart Visual Art Party


Giving Tips to Participants

Art Smart Visual Art Party 

What about you? What do you plan to achieve this year? How can we help? Please share your comments below.

I‘m sure there is more, but these will definitely keep me busy for at least the coming year.

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