August 3, 2016

Art Smart Visual Art Parties!


You might be wondering what the big deal is with visual art parties, such as paint and sip, or team building, or other group art activities.

Glad you asked!

Here’s what happens with us…

Set up: The instructor comes in with or without a small crew of helpers to set up the designated area. The set up might be for painting, drawing, or other creative activity. They will cover the tables and make work stations consisting of all of the needed materials for the approximate number of participants. They will also make a separate station for supply refill, as needed.

Procedures: To start, the instructor will facilitate introductions of themself and the participants. Next they will briefly explain what type of activity they will be completing, and how we plan to do it. If it is with an example piece, the attention will be on that piece, along with a demonstration. If it is a mission to accomplish based on guidance, the instructor will briefly explain what parts need to be done, and will then do a similar piece, encouraging the participants all along the way with their own masterpieces. If it is drawing/painting from a clothed model, self-portrait, or a still life, the instructor will give a brief explanation of how to go about creating a successful drawing/painting.

Depending on the venue, participants may want to come early so that they can grab a meal if it is at a restaurant, or drinks are easy to have alongside creating, in which case they may be purchased throughout when offered.

Who is such a gathering for? Anyone who would like to have the fun of a challenge. Friends, family or business associates who would like to intentionally create meaningful, awesome memories together, with great keepsakes to boot.

When do these Art Smart Visual Art Parties take place? Depending on the venue, and the availability of or instructors, these can take place any time of day or night.

Interested? Please go to our Contact Page to connect, whether you would like to partner with us as a regularly visited venue, or you want to set up a private party with your group at your own venue, or perhaps you would just like to participate in the next Art Smart Visual Art Party near you. By the way, we can work with any age groups.

We look forward to meeting you soon Where You Get Smart with Art!

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